Peugeot has officially unveiled the new generation E-3008. This is the first model from Stellantis group which uses the new platform STLA Medium, an EV dedicated architecture.

The car will be available in three different battery and motors versions.

The entry level will be a 73 kWh battery pack with a front mounte d motor with 210 horsepower. The range of this version is 326 miles.

The second variant comes as a dual motor variant rated at 320 HP with the same 73 kWh battery. This one has a reange of also 326 miles.

The long-runner is the version that uses one front motor with 230 horsepower and a 98 kWh battery pack. This one can travel with one charge for 435 miles.

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According to Peugeot, the new 3008 will also have some hybrid versions.