The 7th video detailing the development process of the Nissan Juke R is now available online, and this time we get to see the company’s engineers talk about how they tried to reflect the sporty characteristics of their GT-R powered crossover through numerous parts made from carbon fiber.
Some of the techniques that have been applied during the body styling process included scanning the car and re-styling its side skirts, wheel arches and bumpers. Everything started with a set of 2D sketches that were modeled in a 3D environment, and which served as the basis for the actual molds that were used to created the carbon fiber body parts.
In the 8th video Nissan says it will talk about how they made the Juke R handle like a supercar, and hopefully this is one of the latest videos of this kind, because we want to see the final product already.
Video: Nissan Juke R Body Styling Detailed

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Source: Nissan