This test drive video presents ex McLaren and Red Bull Formula 1 driver Davind Coulthard taking the electric version Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL for a spin on both public roads as well as on the track.
He is impressed by the level of performance offered by the Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL and as will all electric cars, the torque is instantly available at any moment and as a result the acceleration is faster than on the regular V8 model.
David Coulthard also points out that due to the fact that there is no engine, meaning there is no volume sitting above the axle line, the Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL has a lower center of gravity as the batteries are fitted throughout the car as lower as possible.  
Watch the Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL Test Drive video with David Coulthard after the jump.

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Video: Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL Test Drive with David Coulthard

Source: YouTube