Ferrari is working on a new hypercar and this is a first glimpse of what we can see. We think this is the first video of the upcoming model, even though it looks like a camouflaged LaFerrari Aperta with some body mods.

But the car comes with a different front fascia, a bigger central opening and uprights near the corners, no hood vents and an additional pair of inlets.

There is also a small intake along the side of the body and at the back the rear window is different. The prototype also has a modified rear bumper and five lug nuts instead of the center-lock design used by LaFerrari.

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According to the man behind this spy video, the purple triangle denotes that this vehicle packs a hybrid powertrain.

Back in 2019, Ferrari Chief Marketing Officer Enrico Galliera confirmed that the new hypercar was already under development. The new model is scheduled to arrive after 2022.