Besides the Ferrari FF, the journalists from Autocar have also taken the new Aston Martin Virage out for a test drive.
Apart from seeing what the Virage is able of achieving in terms of performance and dynamics, Autocar reminds us why this new model looks almost the same as every other model put out by Aston Martin in the last eight years.
The answer would be that the Aston Martin Virage represents the natural progression of the DB9, sitting between the DB9 and the more powerful and more expensive DBS in the automaker’s lineup.
Priced at 150,00 GBP the Aston Martin Virage offers more power, shorter gearing, quite alot more performance than the DB9, and fast speed (up to 186 mph) combined with huge amounts of refinement, which overall means a proper GT car.
The Virage comes with almost 10,000 GBP worth of brakes, which by the way are carbon ceramic, and in terms of performance it sprints from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.0-seconds thanks to its ‘melodic’ V12 producing 490 bhp. 

Video: Aston Martin Virage test drive

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Source: Aston Martin