Autocar has tested the ‘un-Italian’ Ferrari FF, who they say could the ‘automotive shock of 2011’ due to its estate shape and four wheel drive system which is a first for a production Ferrari.
The FF’s 4WD system is very compact and light, adding just 45 Kg to the car’s overall weight, while underneath the bonnet lays a next generation V12 engine producing 651 bhp via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.  
The Ferrari also comes with a generous 450-litre boot, and two rear seats which this time seem pretty usable, but besides the overall GT feel and increased practicality,the main question about the FF is how does it act on the road?
Well even though it weights 1.8 tons the Ferrari FF has the same acceleration time as the 599, and in certain conditions, like cross country travel, the FF seems even faster than the 599 due to increased traction from the 4WD system. The steering is almost as sharp as the one in the 458 Italia, and overall the Ferrari FF is easy to live with on a daily basis. Ironically though the FF’s 4WD system is also part of the problem, because according to Autocar, it doesn’t allow much in terms of interacting with the car. 
Watch the Ferrari FF review video after the jump.

Ferrari FF Review Video :

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Source: Autocar via YouTube