Europe is a different type of market, and the Europeans are still in love with small city cars. This is why the Toyota Yaris is doing pretty well on the other side of the pond.

In order to mix things up, Toyota has developed a commercial version of the current Toyota Yaris. For now, it is sold only in Spain, but there are big chances of seeing it in other European markets.

The car is based on the current model and the rear seats have been removed. Instead, the Japanese car manufacturer will offer a flat floor, a net to separate the driver and the right passenger from the goods, and some tie hooks.

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The new Toyota Yaris ECOVan (the commercial name of the model) will be able to carry up to 430 kilograms. The volume is up to 720 liters.

According to Toyota, this car was developed for city delivery businesses and for last-mile delivery guys.

Source: Toyota Spain