A new Hi-Tech Option Pack is now available for the Toyota Prius. What made the company add these new features was the fact that customers kept asking for these options since the hybrid car’s launch. What are these features ? Well the Toyota Prius Hi-Tech Option Pack consists of new LED lighting as well as dusk-sensing function and washers. It also includes auto-dimming rear view mirror and water-repellent treatment on side window glass.
The new Toyota Prius Hi-Tech Option Pack is available on the T Spirit version and starts at 895 GBP.
Toyota press release :
“Will new Prius have LED headlights?” and “is an auto-dimming rear-view mirror available?” were two of the most frequently heard questions about new Prius’s equipment features in the lead-up to new full hybrid car’s launch. Toyota decided that “no” should not be the answer and moved quickly to tailor its new model range to meet customer demand.
The result is a new LED Tech Pack option, readied in time for Prius’s official launch date.
The new pack is available on Prius T Spirit and brings together a range of hi-tech equipment features. Foremost among these are LED headlights, which illuminate quicker, last longer and use significantly less energy than both halogen and xenon types.
LEDs are used for twin low-beam projects, with halogen bulbs for the high-beam and driving lights. Together with the LED tail and stop lights that are fitted as standard to new Prius, they can cut the vehicle’s electricity consumption by up to 30 per cent.
The headlights light up automatically with a dusk-sensing function and are fitted with integrated washers. The pack also provides and auto-dimming rear view mirror and water-repellent treatment on front side window glass.
In a further move to meet customer preference, the optional Protection Pack, comprising a boot liner and rear parking sensors, is being made available on the T3 version of Prius.

Source: Toyota