The latest model to receive Opel’s ecoFLEX efficiency treatment is the nine-seater Vivaro Combi.
Equipped with a diesel burning 2.0-litre CDTI engine that can output 114 HP which is linked to a 6-speed manual transmission, the Opel Vivaro Combi ecoFLEX will need only 7.4 litres of fuel per 100 Km with CO2 emissions as low as 194 g/Km. These figures are impressive considering the Opel Vivaro Combi ecoFLEX weights 2.7 tons.
Some of the measures that were taken to achieve this level of efficiency include fitting the Opel Vivaro Combi ecoFLEX with special injection nozzles as well as an optimized engine management, and the car is offered in 6 basic versions.
The Opel Vivaro Combi ecoFLEX price starts at 22,915 Euros including tax in Germany.
Opel press release :
Opel’s ecoFLEX family has a new member: The Vivaro Combi ecoFLEX with the 114 hp 2.0 CDTI engine and automated Easytronic six-speed manual transmission consumes just 7.4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, a CO2value of 194 g/km. With these impressive values, the Vivaro reduces CO2 emissions by 19 grams CO2, saving 0.6 liters of fuel per 100 km.
The practical Opel van with nine seats and 2.7 tons permissible gross vehicle weight can also be ordered as the ecoFLEX model with 90 or 114 hp with six-speed manual transmission. Consumption is then 7.5 liters, for a CO2 value of 199 g/km.
The Vivaro ecoFLEX versions, part of Opel’s low fuel consumption and reduced-CO2 line, feature special injection nozzles as well as modified engine management, demonstrating how fuel consumption can be further reduced with the help of affordable, intelligent technology.
Other Opel commercial vehicles offer impressive environmental credentials, too. The Combo ecoFLEX van with its 1.3 CDTI engine emits just 134 g/km and consumes 5.1 liters of diesel per 100 km.
With the Vivaro model line, Opel offers a wide choice of vans, station wagons, buses and leisure vans. The Vivaro is available with two different wheelbases, two roof heights and in six basic variants (panel van, Combi, Tour, dropside, platform chassis and Life) as well as with five powerful and economical engines with outputs between 90 and 146 hp. The entry version of the Vivaro ecoFLEX is available from 22,915 euro plus VAT (in Germany).

Source: Opel