Toyota has officially unveiled the production version of the Mirai FCV (fuel cell vehicle). According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the new Mirai (means "future" in Japanese) will go on sale next year. In Europe and US the car will arrive in the late summer, while in Japan, the car will be seen starting April 2015. 

Essentially, the new Mirai in an evolution of the FCV Concept seen last year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The most important fact is that the production version can travel up to 480 kilometers (about 300 miles) with only one hydrogen fill. The refill takes less than five minutes.
The Mirai has two hydrogen storage tanks that generate electricity and a 245-volt nickel metel hydride battery pack that store surplus electricity from the fuel cell and regenerative braking that allows the car to go the 480 kilometers (300 miles).

Mirai is powered by 113-kilowatt electric motor that puts out 247 foot pounds of torque.  Toyota claims the car goes from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds.
The front seats are power adjustable unlike most other electric vehicles.   Reviewers claim the front seat area is roomy, but the back seat is limited to 2 people and the seat doesn’t fold down.  Also the trunk space is limited by the hydrogen storage tanks.
Hydrogen Fuel Availability
Most of the hydrogen fueling stations in the US are located in Southern California.  However, the car launch in the US will coincide with a plan to develop a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in five states. The US Government will open 12 stations in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
For now, we don’t know the final price of the car, but rumors says it will cost around 48.200 Euros.

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Source: Toyota