In January, Toyota unveiled the all-new GR Yaris. The Japanese Hot Hatch is a piece of engineering: a three cylinder 1.6 liter engine with 262 horsepower, a manual transmission and an all-wheel drive system.

But today, Toyota has announced the grades for the GR Yaris in Japan. And here is a big surprise. You will be able to order a GR Yaris with just 118 horsepower.

Its full name is GR Yaris RS and it has a 1.5 liter three cylinder naturally aspirated engine that can deliver 118 horsepower and 145 Nm peak of torque. The unit is matted to a manual transmission and…we can’t say a thing about its performances because the Japanese car manufacturer did not relase them.

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But you can look on the good side. You get to buy a full-fat extremely good looking Hot Hatch with a smaller and economical engine. There is also the price, which will be much, much smaller compared to the full-fat 262 HP variant.