As we already announced, TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) will premiere three concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show at the end of November. One of the concepts is the Toyota Fun-Vii, which is now seen for the first time in this initial image released by the Japanese automaker today.
The Fun-Vii represents Toyota’s vision of a future (not-too-distant) in which "people, cars and society are linked" and the main feature regarding this vehicle is its body which can be used to display content both on the inside as well as on the outside.
On the outside the Toyota Fun-Vii Concept can display messages and other information while on the inside the colours can match the "mood of the moment".
The car’s navigation information blends with the rest of the interior while a network update function keeps the software versions for the drive, control and multimedia system up to date.
The Toyota Fun-Vii Concept can accommodate three people inside its cabin and in terms of dimensions the car measures 4,020 mm in length, 1,745 mm in width, 1,415 mm in height and features a 2,750 mm long wheelbase.
The Fun-Vii can connect to surrounding vehicles and infrastructure which means it can detect potentially hazardous vehicles, it can also connect with friends driving nearby plus a portion of its functions are accessible remotely via smartphones. 

Source: Toyota