Toyota has just announced that will premiere three concept cars at the upcoming 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.
The first is the FT-EV III (short for Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle III) which is based on the iQ and represents a full electric four-seater ideal for covering short distances (around 65 miles). This concept uses a lithium-ion battery pack and is something which the automaker intends to launch on the market in 2012.
The second is called the FCV-R ( an abbreviation for Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality & Revolution) and in this case we’re talking about a hydrogen fuelled concept measuring 4.7 metres in length that might get the green light for production by 2015.
The FCV-R is a practical, family-sized vehicle equipped with a high-pressure hydrogen tank which will allow cruising distances of around 430 miles. 
Finally, the third concept, the Fun-Vii (Fun Vehicle interactive internet) is something which Toyota envisions in the distant future "where people, cars and society are linked".  

Source: Toyota