Two new powering units have joined Toyota’s Optimal Drive engine family, which will equip the Avensis model offering reduced fuel consumption figures and fewer CO2 emissions.
The petrol burning Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic can cover 43.5 miles with just one gallon of fuel in a combined cycle, outputting 130 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 62 mph (100 Km/h) in 10.4 seconds. CO2 emissions for the Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic are of 152 grams per Km and the car comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.
As for the Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-CAT 150 diesel version its 148 horsepower engine with 340 Nm of torque  between 2,000 and 2,800rpm is linked to a standard 6-speed automatic gearbox and can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 9.5 seconds (9.8 seconds in the tourer variant). The Avensis 2.2 D-CAT 150 does 44.1 miles to the gallon in combined cycle and releases 169 g of CO2 into the atmosphere per Km.  
The Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic price starts at 16,485 GBP in UK, while the Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-CAT 150 goes on sale for 21,515 GBP.
Toyota press release :
    * Two new Toyota Optimal Drive engines for Avensis, 1.6-litre Valvematic and 2.2-litre D-CAT 150
    * Extended availability of 1.8-litre Valvematic across the range
    * 1.6 Valvematic
      – Valvematic system improves fuel efficiency, power, torque and engine response
      – 130bhp, 152g/km CO2 emissions, 43.5mpg combined cycle fuel economy and nought to 62mph acceleration in 10.4 seconds
      – Six-speed manual transmission
    * 2.2 D-CAT 150
      – New six-speed automatic transmission as standard – Toyota’s first diesel automatic passenger car
      – Equipped with Toyota D-CAT clean diesel technology
      – 169g/km CO2 emissions, 44.1mpg combined cycle fuel economy
    * Safety Pack option with Pre-Crash Safety system, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
    * 1.8 Valvematic now available in T2, TR and T4 saloon and tourer models with manual or Multidrive S transmissions
    * Advanced HDD (hard disc drive) navigation system made standard on T Spirit models
    * On-the-road Avensis prices from £16,085 (1.6 Valvematic T2 saloon)
Toyota has expanded its engine line-up for new Avensis, introducing two new units that further strengthen the fuel efficiency and emissions performance achieved across the range. As well as adding the 1.6 Valvematic petrol and 2.2 D-CAT 150 diesel, it has also made the popular 1.8 Valvematic engine more widely available, with both six-speed manual and Multidrive S transmissions.
New 1.6 Valvematic petrol engine
Valvematic engine technology is one of the key elements of Toyota Optimal Drive. Based on Toyota’s proven dual Variable Valve timing – intelligent (dual VVT-i) technology, it achieves a breakthrough in combustion efficency with a control system that continuously varies the lift of the inlet valves,  giving better control of the volume and speed of the intake airflow. Simply put, this helps deliver more power for less fuel.
Available in T2 and TR grade saloon and tourer models, the engine is matched to Toyota’s compact and lightweight six-speed manual transmission. It returns 43.5mpg in combined cycle driving, with 152g/km CO2 emissions (153 tourer). Acceleration from nought to 62mph takes 10.4 seconds (10.6 tourer).
Increased availability for fleet-friendly 1.8 Valvematic
Tailoring the range to meet customer demand, Toyota has made its 1.8 Valvematic engine more widely available, extending it to T2, TR and T4 grade saloon and tourer models. Moreover, it can be specified in each case with either six-speed manual or Multidrive S transmission.
Together with the introduction of the new 1.6 Valvematic, this greatly increases the number of Avensis models that achieve sub-160g/km CO2 emissions, the threshold for the 10 per cent Capital Write Down Allowance. This makes Avensis an even stronger prospect for company fleet operators looking to save on their Corporation Tax liability.
2.2 D-CAT 150 with automatic transmission
The 2.2 D-CAT 150 engine, newly available in Avensis, matched to a new six-speed automatic transmission. The unit produces 148bhp at 3,600rpm and maximum torque of 340Nm between 2,000 and 2,800rpm, enabling nought to 62mph acceleration in 9.5 seconds for the saloon and 9.8 seconds for the tourer.
Equipped with Toyota’s clean diesel D-CAT technology, it produces CO2 emissions of 169g/km (174 tourer) and returns 44.1mpg in combined cycle driving (42.8 tourer).
Pre-Crash Safety Pack
T Spirit versions of Avensis with the new 2.2 D-CAT 150 engine can be optionally specified with a Pre-Crash Safety Pack, which marks the first availability of these advanced preventive safety systems on a UK Toyota model.
The pack has three elements:
    * Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS)
    * Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
    * Lane Keep Assist/Lane Departure Warning (LKA/LDW)
The Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) system uses miniature radar monitoring to predict when a collision is imminent and initiate warnings and safety systems to prevent an impact, or mitigate the consequences should the worst happen. It first warns the driver of a danger ahead and, if a crash is determined to be unavoidable, it automatically triggers the seatbelt pretensioners and applies full braking force.
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in tandem with the PCS, using the same radar technology. When activated, it will maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front, even if that vehicle varies its speed. Once the road ahead is clear, ACC automatically returns to the pre-set cruising speed.
Lane Keep Assist (LKA) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) are linked to digital cameras mounted on the top edge of the windscreen that monitor the white line markings on the road. LDW operates when the ACC is active, triggering sound and dashboard light alerts if it detects that the driver is drifitng out of lane. If no corrective action is made, Lane Keep Assist applies steering torque to make it easier for the  driver to bring the vehicle back on course. 
T Spirit now with advanced HDD navigation pack
Avensis customers have proved so keen to take up the option of Toyota’s advanced HDD (hard disc drive) navigation system as an option, it has now made it a standard feature on T Spirit models (it remains an option on T4 grade versions).
As well as providing comprehensive pan-European mapping and route planning, the system also provides a 10Gb music server function for storing digital files. Bluetooth and a rear parking camera are also part of the package.

Source: Toyota