Mercedes-Benz delivered only 29 500K Roadster Special and this one comes with a unique story. Back in 1945, towards the end of the World War II, the Allied troops found this car hidden on the estate of Hans Prym. The German industrialist was sent to prison in the same year while the car was shipped out in the United States. 

There it stayed for 66 year until Frans van Hare, a Dutch car enthusiast acquired it for 3.7 million USD (2011). After that, the car was brought to an auto event held in Essen, Germany. Shortly after that, this 500K Roadster Special was seized by the authorities over a dispute regarding ownership. 

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Why? Because the grandchildren of Mr Prym alleged the vehicle was stolen from their grandfather. They said the car is belonging to them. As a result, he 30-year statute of limitation rule kicked in, so the German authorities decided to have the car impounded since the 30-year period restarted when the Mercedes 500K Special Roadster got back to Germany.

In 2012 a court in Hamburg ruled that the Allied troops did not have the right to own the car and now, the German industrialist’s family is the owner. But these days, the family decided to sell the car via Bonhams. The event will took place in France on September 3 and the specialists’ estimates a price between $5.5M – $7.75M.

Source: Mercedes