Rolls-Royce is working on a new Ghost, and the British car manufacturer will unveil it in a matter of days. Until then, the officials have decided to publish another teaser video of the upcoming model.

This time, we get to see some bits and pieces of the four-door sedan hidden beneath a fabric sheet.

Rolls-Royce has revealed some of the new Ghost’s strengths during this teasing campaign, including the V12 6.75 liter engine, which will be unnoticed inside the cabin. Why? Just because the car will feature more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of sound-absorbing material.

In addition to this, the car will come with double-glazed windows with a clear composite center sheet and also with some special tires lined with lightweight acoustic insulation foam. But most of all, the sedan’s aluminum-rich architecture contributes to a quieter ride.

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The car will also come with a new suspension that will use radars and GPS data to deliver smoother rides.