Renault Clio is a one little mini car that has a lot of succes in Europe. And this year, Renault will get us a new generation. A more mature car with a newly design and with lots of modern technologies. 

But until the official unveiling, which now we have found out that is schdueled for 28 January, Renault is giving us a short glimpse of what the new Clio will be about.

There are some details with the front grille, with the seats, with some interior details and with the steering wheel. 

The new generation Renault Clio will ride on the same platform as the new Nissan Micra. We are speaking about the CMF-B architecture, a lighter platform than the one used on the current generation. In terms of engines, the new Clio will come with the same units as we already have seen on Micra. There will be a 1.0 liter turbocharged with three cylinders and the new 1.33 unit developed with Daimler. On the diesel side you will see the classic 1.5 dCi unit. 

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The new Renault Clio will be unveiled on January 28 and it will make its premiere during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March. 

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Yes, you heard right… ???? the best #CLIO ever is on its way! Want to check for yourself? ????Stay Tuned! ?#RenaultCLIO
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