Alauda has unveiled the all-new Airspeeder Mk3. This is an electric flying car which its first purpose is to compete in the next Airspeeder world championship.

The drone, if you don’t mind calling it that, will be remote controlled, so no human pilots will be on that flying object during the competition. The Airspeeder Mk3 is able to fly at more than 120 km/h and the first season of the world championship will line-up more than 10 participants. All of them will fly an Airspeeder Mk3.

According to Alauda, the championship and the Airspeeder Mk3 will be just an intermediary step for the Airspeeder Mk4, a flying car made for competition with a man on board.

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If you are as baffled as us, have a look at the video below.