Volkswagen has unveiled its third electric car of the ID family. Its name is ID.5 and it is a coupe version of the ID.4 SUV.

It has a lower roofline and is 12 mm down on head space for the rear passenger. But despite this, the trunk volume is still as big as the one found on the ID.4.

The car will be available in three different power versions: 170, 204 and 299 horsepower. No matter what engine you’ll chose, the car will have a 77 kWh battery pack.

The 170 HP and 204 HP variants will have only one rear-mounted electric motor. The top of the line is named ID.5 GTX and has two electric motors.

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The maximum range of the car will be 520 kilometers, for the 204 HP variant. The GTX version will be able to travel up to 480 kilometers with only one full of battery.