Renault has another compact SUV in its line-up. Its name is Austral it it will replace the not-so-old Kadjar.

The new SUV comes with a different exterior design, and features some tweaks that were made in order to become more appealing to the public. Inside the cabin, the chances are even bigger: we have a completly new layout that was borrowed from the all-new Megane electric. And this is good, judging by the fact that the Megane EV is built on a special platform.

The new Austral has a new CMF-CD architecture, and you can recall it from the new Nissan Qashqai. Basically is the same, but it was tweaked to be used by Renault, which means we expect to see a more comfortable ride compared to the Japanese counterpart.

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Under the hood there are some big modifications. The car will be available only with electrified engines. The entry will be made with a 12V mild-hybrid unit and 1.3 liter 4-cylinder petrol engine. It will be available in 140 HP or 160 HP, with a manual or an automatic transmission.

The big news is that Renault has developed a new 3-cylinder engine. It has 1.2 liter and will be matted to a 48V mild-hybrid system. In this configuration, the unit will deliver 130 HP and will have a manual transmission.

The top of the line will be a full-hybrid powertrain. It uses the same 1.2 liter engine with an electric motor. It can be ordered in 160 HP or 200 HP, and it can be yours only with a multimodal automatic transmission.