During this March, Porsche unveiled the 911 Turbo S, but the German car manufacturer did not disclose the lesser, Turbo, variant. But now we have it on the plate.

The new 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo comes with the 3.8 liter twinturbo flat-six engine that can deliver 580 hrosepower and 750 Nm peak of torque. These are the same performance values delivered by the old 911 Turbo S.

With the eight speed automatic transmission, the standard all-wheel drive system, and the optional Sport Chrono package, the new 911 Turbo can run from not to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, 0.1 seconds slower compared to the current Turbo S. The convertible version is 0.1 slower (2.8 seconds) compared to the coupe.

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The top speed announced by the German car manufacturer is 319 km/h.

Standard, the 911 Turbo comes with cast-iron brake rotors, while the 911 Turbo S has some ceramic composite brakes which are optional on the Turbo.

Also, if you want to spice up the things and make the Turbo more like a Turbo S, you can buy the Lighweight package. It slices off about 30 kilograms by removing the rear seats and taking away some insulation material. There is also an optional Sport Package that adds some sporty exterior pieces.