Dacia is back. This time, the Romanian car manufacturer has unveiled the Spring, its first electric production model.

Based on the Renault K-ZE model, the new Dacia Spring will be built in China and it will be the most affordable electric car in Europe. For now, we don’t have a specific price, but it will probably be between 15.000 and 20.000 euros.

The new electric car made by Dacia will be a perfect model for car-sharing, but it will also have a cargo variant (the last-mile delivery guys will be happy about this).

Under the hood is a 44 HP electric motor with 125 Nm peak of torque. Yes, it may sound a little strange, but keep in mind that the car will weigh less than one tone.  Thanks to a 26.8 kWh battery pack, the Dacia Spring will be able to travel up to 225 kilometers. If you are dealing only with the city traffic, Dacia announces a 290 kilometers range.

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Also, the car has an Eco mode which reduces the engine power to 31 HP and the top speed to 100 km/h (125 km/h will be the normal top speed of the Dacia Spring). Standard, the car will be able to charge at 6.6 kW AC outlets, but there is an optional fast charging port. This one allows recharging with 30 kW.

Dacia will start taking orders for the Spring in the first part of 2021 and the deliveries are scheduled to debut in 2021 fall.