I am pretty sure that you have heard of the Guinness World Records book. They managed to put lots of strange and weird records out there and the next one is going to one of the categories mentioned above.

This record is named The Fastest Time to Push a Car on a Mile. It was achieved by Jussi Kallioniemi from Finland.

Kallioniemi pushed his 2006 Saab SUV through the course in 13 minutes and 26 seconds, about two minutes fast compared to the old record.

“Succeeding in the world record gives me a boost of energy and enjoyment. I feel like the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. People often tell me that I don’t look like a strongman – and I’m not one. A normal middle-aged man can take on a world record challenge if they take everything into account and try to get the car rolling as lightly as possible”, said the new record holder Jussi Kallioniemi comments.