BMW already launched the 2 Series Gran Coupe which is built on the UKL platform. This means the model is FWD and not RWD. But later this year, the German car manufacturer will come on the market with a new generation 2 Series.

According to our sources, the model will get an M2 version and it will be a proper M. We don’t know how the Germans will do that judging by the fact that it will use a FWD platform, but we are pretty sure they will come out with something interesting. There are rumors that the model will switch to CLAR platform, the same one used by Z4. We don’t know for sure but we want to see this happening.

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Also, the new M2 Coupe will use the new S58 twin-turbo engine currentlly available on the X3 M and X4 M. On the SUVs, the unit can deliver up to 510 horsepower on the Competition versions, but on the M2 Coupe it will be detuned to deliver at least 420 horsepower.

The next BMW M2 Coupe should run the not to 100 km/h in the low four-second range and it will reach a top speed over 280 km/h.