BMW has revealed an updated version of the BMW M4 Coupe which will serve as a MotoGP Safety Car. In order to fulfill its duties, the German performance car has received a special exterior livery with some great improvements under the bonnet. 

We are talking about a water injection system that will help the engine to deliver more power and to achieve a better fuel consumption. As a result, the point of ignition will come closer to the optimum temperature. 

Since the cold air has a higher density, the oxygen level in the combustion chamber will increased significantly. This means higher pressure during the combustion process and improved performances and torque. 

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The water will be stored in a frost-proof five-liter tank that is located in the M4’s trunk. In the same tank it is also the water pump, sensors and valves, all controlled via the ECU. According to BMW, the water tank has to be refilled before any rigorous action out on the racetrack. More than that, BMW says the water injection system will soon be offered on the production models.

Source: BMW