Tesla recently announced Q1 2021 vehicle production and distribution figures. It manufactured 180,338 cars in total and delivered 184,800 vehicles.

The first-quarter deliveries exceeded Tesla’s previous high of 180,570 deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2020.

During the quarter, it manufactured only Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossover SUVs, and it did not manufacture any of its more costly Model S sedans or Model X SUVs.

It delivered 2,020 Model S and Model X vehicles from inventory, accounting for just 1% of total deliveries. Tesla stated that with “new equipment installed and tested in Q1,” the company is now “in the early stages of ramping production” for updated S and X models.

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However, Tesla’s activities in the quarter ended March 31, 2021 were eventually hampered by a fire at its Fremont, California plant, an industry-wide chip shortage, temporary closures due to parts shortages, port availability problems, and the continuing pandemic.

Tesla’s most recent delivery figures represented a more than 100 percent improvement over the same timeframe last year, when they first started Model Y deliveries and volume production. However, Tesla 1st quarter deliveries rose by slightly more than 2% compared to the previous quarter, when the company shipped 180,570 cars.

Source: Tesla