A few months ago, Skoda announced that will build a coupe version for the new Kodiaq. But we weren’t so sure that this will happen. These days, the officials from Skoda have come with new details. 

During the Shanghai Motor Show, the event which will kick off in April, they will unveil the new Vision E Concept, a prototype which announces the new Kodiaq Coupe. 

The production model will be built starting 2019 and it will be sold only in China. But this is not so sure because Skoda officials are thinking that Kodiaq Coupe can be a best-seller in Europe. Their problem is the production capacity which now is full in all Europe. 

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With more details we will come in April after the unveiling of the Vision E Concept. The prototype might come with lots of exterior details seen on Vision D Concept and could feature a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric powertrain. 


Source: Skoda