Singer, one of the companies that made art from an already icon (transforming 911’s into impressive cool machines) has made a commitment. In a recent interview with Top Gear, SVD head honcho Rob Dickinson has confirmed that it has already stopped taking orders for the Classic Porsche 911.

It has been 12 years since Singer started transforming the 964 911 and until now, 450 units have been reimagined by the Los Angeles-based company.

“There are tens of thousands of 964s! And there’s plenty of ratty ones which we don’t feel too bad about reimagining. We’re just trying to be respectful to the guys that are buying the cars. We want to maintain the values of the cars if they change hands afterwards of course, which I think has more to do with the perception of Singer as a ‘brand’ over and above the quality of the cars”, said Dickinson in the Top Gear interview.

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Now that the Classic Porsche 911 is over, Singer will move to something even more interesting: the Singer Turbo.