Two of the many custom cars coming from Toyota at the 2009 SEMA Show are the gas-electric hybrids Toyota Prius Aerius and Aemulus.
Developed by Five Axis Design, both the Toyota Prius Aerius and Aemulus are build on the third generation 2010 Prius and use a four-piece aero kit made from polyurethane and partially recycled materials.
The custom body colour was provided by Nippon Color Design Studio America (CDSA) who used an environmentally-sensitive waterborne technology to produce a custom three-coat color using a blue-green Lumina pigment that resembles airiness and the color of the sky.
Inside the Toyota Prius Aerius and Aemulus 100 percent recycled seat fabric has been used together with polyurethane seat bolster and back and various eco-recycled resin interior accents. In car sound is provided by a 900-watt 10 speaker audio system.

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Source: Toyota