Peugeot will launch a new model next Wednesday (November 2nd 2011), something which they describe as being sophisticated, radically new and efficient, but without mentioning more or showing an actual image of what to expect.
The French company is also being secretive about the name of their upcoming car, and due to the fact that their teaser video uses the world ‘re-generation’, we can’t be quite sure if this will be a an expansion of their lineup or an new generation model.
Peugeot also mentioned the fact that this new car is compact, with a high level of ergonomics and fitted with an ‘incredible steering wheel’ and that its driving ambiance is ‘truly amazing and unique’.
In terms of design this mysterious upcoming Peugeot is ‘light, sleek and yet expressvie’.
Conclusion? Peugeot talks a lot without actually saying anything so we’ll have to wait until next week and see what this is all about.
Peugeot re-generation teaser video :

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Source: Peugeot via YouTube