After the first clip which showed a scale model of the C9, the next generation Pagani Zonda has been teased again through a second video which this time offers short glimpses of the interior.
Even though we are not able to distinguish too much, this second Pagani C9 teaser video offers enough so we can understand that quality and craftsmanship in the upcoming Italian hypercar has went up, and we have to admit we are getting excited for the full unveiling of the new Huayra.
And if you missed our report from yesterday, Huayra is most likely the name expected to be used by this new Pagani C9, which will probably get unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of months. 
Watch the first and second teaser videos for the upcoming Pagani C9 below the jump.

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Pagani C9 first teaser video :

Pagani C9 second teaser video :

Source: YouTube