Even if it is already one of the best-looking SUV`s on the market, the current Range Rover Sport received some improvements thanks to Overfinch tuning company.
The British SUV received a full carbon fiber body kit, consisting in a new front bumper, an aggressive diffuser, a tailgate spoiler and new side skirts. The exterior package is rounded by new alloy wheels, with dimmensions ranging from 21 to 23 inch.
Under the hood, Overfinch replaced the standard exhaust system and recalibrated the ECU system. This adds an extre 42 hp, enough to help the supercharged 5.5 liter V8 engine to reach 552 hp.
The Overfinch Range Rover Sport tuning package will be available in the United Kingdom with a limited annual production of 100 units. The price for every unit will be 87.995 GBP.