Only 18 months after its UK debut, Romanian brand Dacia managed to convince 25.000 British clients with their range of cars.
The result is very convincing and stimulating for the small brand, who will try to compete with important brand names like Mini, Kia or Volvo. The result comes after Dacia managed to sell 15.000 units in just eight months. The 25.000th client was Alison Beirne, a customer service executive, who took delivery of her 9.995 GBP Dacia Sandero Stepway Laureate, equipped with a 0.9 liter TCe engine, delivering 90 hp.
Beirne received her keys in Bristol Street Motors dealership in Derby, and declared: “I had a 12 year-old car which was reaching the end of its life and a friend of mine casually said why didn’t I just pop into Bristol Street to check out the Dacia range. As soon as I saw the Sandero Stepway in the showroom, I knew it’d be just perfect for me. It looks good, the higher seating position is great and its got some good features, including the touchscreen sat nav. I know Dacias have great reliability, so it won’t let me down either.”

Currently, Dacia range in UK comprises in Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan MCV and Duster.