Nissan in continuing its mini series that follows the development process of the Juke R, with this fourth video offering details and describing the challenges faced in fitting the massive GTR sourced V6 engine into the small Juke.
Nissan’s engineers were particularly concerned with the cooling performance, getting air into the vehicle and making sure that the engine retains all its performance and durability. Some of the measures that were taken in order to assure that include transferring as much technology from the GTR’s heat management system as possible, and also ‘transplanting’ the GTR’s cooling cassette into the Juke R.
After the engine has been added in place, the next phase in developing the Nissan Juke R would be transferring its output to the wheels. This means fitting the gearbox and the drivetrain – a task that would be the subject for the next video.
Nissan has already uncovered the extreme Juke R crossover at a press event in Malaga, Spain yesterday, and has also provided an official first pic with it.   
Nissan JUKE R Video: The Engine

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Source: Nissan