A couple of year ago, Mazda told us something about a new engine concept which will be able to use the best part of both diesel and petrol worlds. Its name was Skyactiv-X and now this engine is out there. 

Again, Mazda is teasing us with a new engine concept which will generate one of the cleanest diesel unit around the Globe. We don’t know which kind of technology will it use, but Mazda sais it will come out in 2020 and it will better than the current Skyactiv-D. 

“We are sticking to diesel engines. In 2020 we have a new approach to diesel engines. We will show you how clean and very efficient diesel engines can be”, said Mazda’s European research and development boss Christian Schultze during an interview with the Birtish publication Autocar. 

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Until than, in less than a few days we will see the first electric vehicle developed by Mazda. The model will be showcased during the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show and it will be a coupe SUV. 

Source: Auocar