Volkswagen has announced that they will launch a new Phideon flagship model in China this Friday. The model is scheduled to compete with other special models developed by Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW for this country. 

As you would expect, Volkswagen is targeting a clientele that looks for a premium model. “Shiny, blingy showing-off is no longer the behavior in the (larger) cities. Customers are increasingly saying “I don’t want Audi, Benz, and BMW. I don’t want to show off”, said Holger Santel, vice president of sales for SAIC Volkswagen. 

The Volkswagen Phideon will be offered only in China but company is not ruling out a possibility of exporting the model to other regions in the future. 

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According to Volkswagen, the range-topping model is a 3.0 TSI 4Motion. The model is powered by the supercharged V6 petrol unit that can offer 295 horsepower. There are also some plug-in hybrid versions on the cards. The new VW Phideon is priced from 359,000 Yuan (around $53,000)

Source: Volswagen