The Nardo Ring was buit in 1975 by the guys from Fiat. The playground was acquired in 2012 by Porsche and it was called Nardo Technical Center. 

The test track is located at the north-west of the Nardo city in Italy and has a 12.6 kilometers long track. But the Nardo Technical Center was closed for a short period of time in order to do some improvements. 

Now it is back and it will be used soon. 

"With the modernization of the tracks, the strategic development of the Nardò Technical Center advances decisively. This proving ground has always been one-of-a-kind and is now more than ever a cornerstone of the Porsche development strategy and of the vehicle testing activities in the automotive industry as a whole," says Malte Radmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nardò Technical Center and Managing Director of Porsche Engineering.

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The renovation took 7 months to complete while the investment totaled 35 million euros. According to Porsche, the track has been asphalted and it was installed a new guardrail system. 

"The goal is that our customers can test the mobility of the future," said Antonio Gratis, Managing Director of the Nardò Technical Center.