If you are a big fan of classic designs, then Morgan might be a solution. But what if you are looking for some off-road experience with an open-top car? I know, there is the Wrangler, but is there something less rugged and more cute?

If you are that kind of person, this is the answer for you. Its name is Morgan Plus Four CX-T and it will be built in only 8 units. So get there and buy one.

It is based on the current Morgan Plus Four platform, but it was developed with some help from the Rally Raid UK company. Its boss did about 60 Dakar vehicles until now and all of them are finished.

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The new Morgan Plus Four CX-T has an upgraded suspension, 230 mm of ground clearance and full underbody protection. Also, the car has an exoskeleton that will serve you for protection.

Under the hood is the same BMW-sourced 2.0 liter petrol engine rated at 255 horsepower. It has a BMW rear limited-slip differential with custom software. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T comes with Road, All-Terrain and All-Terrain Extreme driving modes.

Source: Morgan