Mercedes-Benz will soon go almost full electric, so the German car manufacturer has some news for us. After announcing an electric SUV made by Mercedes-Maybach and an electric G-Class, Mercedes-Benz says it is currently working on a special project called Vision EQXX.

The new concept car will be the line that will be followed by the future electric cars of the company and it is an important project.

According to German officials, the Vision EQXX will be capable of over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) on a single charge. The company doesn’t intend to simply put a big battery there to achieve this range. Instead, the same package will be installed in a future compact car.

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For the battery, Mercedes is looking to boost the energy density by 20% over the current EQS. Also, the car will aim for a better drag coefficient.

According to the Germans, the concept car will soon be unveiled.

Source: Mercedes-Benz