Mercedes-Benz has big plans for its future electric line-up. Also, the German car manufacturer is planning some new thing in the AMG and Maybach line-ups.

For start, here is the all-new Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV Concept. As you can imagine, this is an electric version of the current GLS SUV, but it uses an all-new and special platform.

On the design side, the things are pretty clear. We are speaking about opulence and about the same design philosophy used on the current Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan.

As you can imagine, the Germans will launch a standard (if I can say that) EQS SUV. It will be unveiled next year, while the Maybach variant of the EQS SUV will be revealed in 2023.

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There are no datils about the powertrain, but according to Mercedes, both versions of the future model (EQS and Maybach EQS) will have a range of more than 700 kilometers.