Back in 2018, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system. These days, the German car manufacturer has come up with a big improvement of the system.

Its name is MBUX Hyperscreen which will be first introduced on the next 2022 EQS electric flagship model.

The new MBUX Hyperscreen uese artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer a unique experience inside the car. The new system uses a massive screen which has a width (56 inches) almost equal to the width of the dashboard.

There are three distinct OLED screens, including one dedicated to the front passager. In front of the driver will be the classic digital gauges (similar to those found in the new S-Class) but with special EV functions. Next to and slightly below the instrument panel will be a massive navigation map, the audio controls and the phone controls.

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On either side of the glass is a circular HAVC vents. The base of the new infotainment sustem will be the artificial intelligence which has lots of new functions.