Mercedes-Benz has a massive model line-up for 2021 MY and this is a good thing for customers because they can choose what ever they want. But business-wise, this is not the best move you can do.

Let me remind you that in the compact class, Mercedes-Benz has 8 models and that is massive. However, Mercedes wishes to point out it does not want to “become a competitor of the volume makers”, and Daimler CEO Ola K√§llenius told us that the car manufacturer will come up with a different approach and a new strategy.

Also, Kallenius admits that they “went at a bit too far to cover each and every space into each and every segment,” specifying” compact [cars] particularly come to mind”.

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But this doesn’t mean that all those cars will go away, judging by the fact that the GLB is an all-new product. But according to some rumors, there are some plans to retire the B-Class and also, one or two versions of the A-Class. We don’t know it the hatchback will disappear, but there are chances to see how the Sedan and probably the CLA will go away.