After the unveiling of the all-new AMG SL 55 and AMG SL 63, the guys from Affalterbach have decided to come up with a new version of the convertible car.

It’s name is AMG SL 43 and as you would expect, it won’t come with the same V8 4,0 liter engine. It will have a four-pot engine with a two liter displacement.

But there is an interesting catch. Let me explain. The unit delivers 381 horsepower and also features a 48V mild-hybrid system that can interviene at some point. Also, the engine uses a special turbo.

According to Mercedes-AMG, this technology comes from F1 and uses a small electric motor that can spin the turbo until the exhaust gases are kicking in. As a result, the turbo lag is eliminated and the engine will accelerate very smooth.

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The new AMG SL 43 is rear-wheel drive and it can go from not to 100 km/h in just 4,9 seconds. The top speed is 275 km/h.