A couple of weeks ago, Aston Martin unveiled the new Formula 1 Safety Car. It is the Vantage. But just like in 2021, the new F1 season will have two Safety Cars.

As you would expect, the second one comes from Stuttgart. For this season, Mercedes-Benz will send on the tracks the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. It is a monster, and it comes with some aerodynamic and mechanical upgrades.

The ones you an see are on top. Unlike any other Safety Car, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series doesn’t have roof lights. Were are they? There were integrated in the windscreen and on the rear wing. How cool is that?

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For this season, Mercedes-Benz will also offer the Medical Car. In 2021 we had the C63 AMG T-Modell. This year we’ll have the AMG GT 63S 4Matic+ 4Door Coupe. Interesting choice, I might say.