Mazda has confirmed the fact that it will premiere the TAKERI Concept at the 42nd edtion Tokyo Motor Show in November 30th.
Through the Mazda TAKERI the Japanese automaker is previewing the next-gen mid-size saloon, and we’re talking about the new Mazda6, with some of the highlights on this car including the company’s first regenerative braking system in combination with the SKYACTIV
The regenerative braking technology helps reduce the load on the engine by storing the energy created from braking inside capacitors and using it to power the vehicle’s electrical equipment. By combining this technology with the new SKYACTIV-D diesel unit , an i-stop engine idle system and a new lightweight structure along with improved aerodynamics and chassis, the Mazda TAKERI is reportedly going to return excellent fuel consumption figures as well as ‘vigorous performance’ and a high-quality ride.
Through the new Mazda TAKERI the automaker is also promoting the "emotion of motion", with the company stating that  "As long as there are people who love to drive, Mazda will continue to evolve the emotion of motion in harmony with environmental and safety performance."

Source: Mazda