Mazda LM55 Vision GranTurismo
could be the perfect Christmas gift for the GT6 enthusiasts. We are talking about a new car that can be driven in the latest GranTurismo 6 video game

According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the design of the new Mazda LM55 Vision GranTurismo was developed by the Mazda Design team and features agility and elegance. Overall, the car has a dynamic silhouette.

Just like any other Mazda, the new LM55 Vision GranTurismo features the KODO Soul of Motion design philosophy and, according to the Japanese officials, it represents a tribute to the famed 787B, the model that managed to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991. 

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The new Mazda LM55 Vision GranTurismo will be available in the game after installing a Holiday Season Update (free of charge).

Source: Mazda