Mazda is ready to emabrk on a new advertising campaign in the United States. The name of the new campaign will be Driving Matters and will try to succesfully replace or be considered an evolution of the previous Game Changers campaign.
With Game Changers, Mazda succeeded in increasing consumer awareness of the functional attributes of our vehicles. Driving Matters will extend the message by creating an emotional connection to the brand.
Mazda’s all-new Driving Matters campaign will showcase various aspects of what makes the driving experience so important. Safety, good-looks, fuel efficiency and the fun-to- drive personality will be at the centre.
The campaign will launch with “A Driver’s Life,” which chronicles the major moments and life stages in a driver’s life, like getting a license and buying your first car, through raising a family and obtaining your “reward” car.
The spot will feature multiple 2016 models but the aim is to celebrate driving and the core values of Mazda customers.  The campaign will launch on Friday May 22nd in cinema and television with a mixture of a :60 and :30 second ads.
Mazda will deliver the new advertising message via in-cinema, television, print, out-of home and digital media.
Even so, Mazda’s long-running Zoom-Zoom tagline will continue to be a part of the brand’s DNA.

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