Back in 2021, Mazda unveiled the all-new CX-60, a new and bigger SUV compared to the current CX-5. But the Japanese manufacturer had a massive plan for Europe: to launch another SUV, even bigger.

The new model’s name is CX-80 and today we have the confirmation that it will hit the ground in 2023.

Basically, it will be an extended wheelbase of the current CX-60. Why? Because the Japanese manufacturer will offer you a seven seater with the launch of the CX-80.

In terms of engine, we don’t know anything official, but we can agree that all the powertrains seen in the new CX-60 will be borrowed by the CX-80. As a result, I expect to see a plug-in hybrid variant and a petrol and a diesel 3,3 liter six cylinder inline units.