A few weeks ago, Mazda said that in the coming years it will launch at least three new electric models. Also, but the end of 2030, all Japanese models will be electrified (plug-in hybrid, full-hybrid or full electric).

After this announcement, one big question has arised: what will happen to the MX-5 Miata? Thanks to our colleagues from Motor1.com, we have an official answer.

“Mazda is seeking to electrify the MX-5 Miata in an effort to have all models feature a form of electrification by 2030. We will work hard to make it a lightweight, affordable, open two-seater sports car in order to meet the needs of customers.”

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We don’t know what this form of electrification will be used on the MX-5, but we hope the guys from Mazda will find a good solution to continue offering a nimble and fun-to-drive roadster.

Source: Motor1.com