The new generation Mazda 3 is still offered with naturally aspirated engines. But there is a special version which can be oredered with a turbo unit.

Its name is Mazda 3 TCR and as you can imagine it was specially developed for race tracks. The car complies the regulations for 34 TCR series and comes with massive aerodynamic improvements.

We see new spoilers, new side sill, bigger air intakes, a new hood and, of course, a massive rear wing. Under the hood is a two liter turbo petrol unit which can deliver 350 horsepower and 450 Nm peak of torque. The car was specially developed by the same company whom delivers the MX-5 Cup cars. 

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The engine resources are sent to the ground via a Sadev sequential gearbox while the top speed is clocked at 241 km/h. The new Mazda 3 TCR also has Brembo brakes and Bilstein or optional Öhlins dampers.